Reclaim your hallway

Trophy Alta bike racks are the stylish solution to bicycle storage.

An interior design piece that plays on iconic taxidermy wall decor. The Bull and Deer designs create more space in your home whilst maintaining easy access to that prized bicycle.

Made in the UK from solid steel and 100% recycled eco-wood. 

simple and minimal yet amazingly functional and very elegant

Karin-Beate Philips, British European Design Group

black interior accessories have an enduring quality, they are timeless

West Chin, New York Times

bicycles, the smart choice of urban conveyance. Show it off in style with this wall-mounted bull rack

GQ Magazine, Coolest Things In The World

Great care has ben taken in sourcing the right materials and suppliers. Produced from sustainable materials and all made as locally as possible.

The eco wood is made from forest, mill waste, recycled pine, organic dyes and bio-resin. It is extremely environmentally friendly and produced with zero carbon emissions.

Designed by Ross, an English designer and adventure cyclist.

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